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Panda Helper is a famous Third-Party App Store that provides iOS and APK apps for your iPhone and Android devices.

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Panda Helper – The Best Third-Party App Store for Android and iOS

Android and iOS device users are no longer limited to using the Google Play Store and Apple App Store to download apps. With the introduction of third-party app stores, users have the opportunity to download a large number of apps and install them on their own devices. Many other third-party app stores have limited access or are not compatible with all devices. We recommend Panda Helper, which is available on all kinds of Android and iOS devices and is free.

Panda Helper is currently one of the best third-party app stores. It can run well on Android and iOS devices, and its download resources are all edited and filtered, 100% working, and safe to download, with no risk to your device. Many free apps are available in the Panda Helper store.

For Android users, when looking for an app, you may find the app’s download link in many third-party app stores, but most of the download links are invalid, and even some links have security risks. But you can trust Panda Helper; its APK downloads are valid, secure, and 100% working.

For iPhone and iPad users, you don’t need to jailbreak your device to install Panda Helper; some apps in Cydia are also available in the Panda Helper store.

Panda Helper also provides various game tools, including Speeder, Auto Clicker, and Cloud Save.


Panda Helper – A Fast and Safe App Store

With Plenty of Android and iOS Apps

Fast and Safe – Panda Helper is safe because when using Panda Helper, you don’t need to jailbreak or root your device. The benefit of not jailbreaking or rooting your device is that you can protect your files and prevent some risky files from quickly entering the root system of your phone. So Panda Helper is like other ordinary apps; it won’t access your system, it’s very secure, and the download speed is fast.

Plenty of Exclusive Apps – Panda Helper provides plenty of exclusive apps. You can download not only the original apps but also some third-party apps, including some apps exclusively distributed in Panda Helper. You can also upload the IPA file and use Panda Helper to sign it. After signing, you can install the IPA file on your iPhone.

Good Service – Panda Helper provides multi-lingual customer service. If you have any questions when using it, you can contact customer service for help. The customer service will reply to you in time.

panda helper is safe and stable

Fast and Safe

a plenty of apps in panda helper

Plenty of Exclusive Apps

panda helper customer service

Good Service

panda helper iOS version and VIP service

Panda Helper iOS Version

Panda Helper Free Version

Panda Helper Free Version includes App Version and Web Version.
The app version is mostly the same as the web version. The only difference is that when the certificate is revoked, you cannot install the app version; if you installed it previously, you could not open and view it. Meanwhile, you can view the web version but cannot download it.

Panda Helper VIP Version

The Panda Helper VIP Version is a premium version. It has a more stable certificate built-in. If you buy a monthly VIP, Panda Helper will help you to replace your certificate with a new one if it is banned. Unlike the free version, you don’t have to worry about not being able to use it the next day.
Panda Helper VIP prices are also very cheap.You can choose $11.99 for a monthly VIP or $20.99 for six times card.
Besides, Panda Helper VIP members can use Panda game tools for free, including cloud save, app cloner, etc.

Panda Helper Android Version

Panda Helper Android Version provides plenty of android apps with editors carefully screened. Most apps available in other third-party Android App Stores, especially rare versions, are not downloadable. All apps provided by Panda Helper have been tested and screened. Any app that’s a systemic risk, that’s not downloadable, that’s not the right version, will be screened. Therefore, the Panda Helper Android Version is safe, risk-free, and 100% working.

panda helper android version

Download Panda Helper!

Choose the different versions of Panda Helper according to the version of your device. Panda Helper provides Android Version and iOS Version. Android Version is always free. iOS version includes Free App, Free Web, and VIP. You can follow the download link below to download them.

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panda speeder


Panda Speeder is an advanced game tool that can help you speed up or slow down the game process. Panda Speeder can be used when playing some racing games or when the narration of some games is too long. It supports many types of games.

panda auto clicker

Auto Clicker

Auto Touch is a simulator. It can record your actions and then replay them according to the template you have recorded. The operation of Auto Touch is very simple. If you need a tool to help you repeat the task, including click and move, Auto Touch is a good choice.

Cloud Save

Panda Cloud Save can help users automatically save their game data in the cloud. They don’t have to worry about losing game data when they want to reinstall the game. Cloud Save is already integrated into the game; VIPs can directly download the game to use it.


Is Panda Helper safe?

Panda Helper is safe. You don’t need to jailbreak or root your device to install Panda Helper. So you can protect your files and prevent some risky files from quickly entering the root system of your phone. Panda Helper is like other ordinary apps; it won’t access your system and is very secure.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel the subscription by yourself or contact customer service for help. Read this tutorial to learn how to cancel the subscription. The customer service email is [email protected].

The difference between the Free Version and the VIP Version.

The Panda Helper Free Version is built with a common certificate, and the VIP Version is built with a super certificate. The super certificate is more stable than the common one. And if you are a monthly VIP member, Panda Helper will bundle a new one to your device if the super certificate is revoked. Meanwhile, when using VIP Version, you can use App Cloner, Cloud Save, and other game tools.

How to get Panda Helper VIP free?

Panda Helper officials hold weekly activities in the Panda Helper’s Facebook group, and lucky users will be given a 7-day VIP. If you participate in activities every week, you will have a chance to win prizes and get Panda Helper VIP for free!

Why did my Panda Helper crash?

If you installed the Panda Helper Free Version and the app crashes, it is because the common certificate is revoked. You can purchase a VIP to use the super certificate. If you installed the Panda Helper VIP or Android Version, uninstall and reinstall it when it crashes.

How to update the apps downloaded from Panda Helper?

Do not click the update prompt in the app to update your app. The correct steps are as follows: 1. Save the app data and record; 2. open the Panda Helper and search the app to see if there is an updated version; 3. Delete the old version and install the new one.

Can I provide feedback?

Sure, you can contact customer service. [email protected].

Panda Helper

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